Media help sought for Vitamin A Campaign success

RAJSHAHI, Jan 17, 2019 (BSS)-Health officials at an orientation meeting
here mentioned have resolved that the role of mass media is very important to
make the upcoming National Vitamin-A plus Campaign a total success.

They said vitamin ‘A’ supplement is essential for the normal functioning
of the visual system, maintenance of cell function for growth, red blood cell
production, immunity and reproduction. So, they sought all-out support of the

Local civil surgeon’s office organised the orientation in its conference
hall on Wednesday ahead of the upcoming campaign (second round)-2019 to be
held on January 19.

The campaign will be conducted under the auspices of the Public Health and
Nutrition Institute and National Nutrition Services under the Ministry of
Health and Family Planning and assistance of the UNICEF.

Civil Surgeon Sanjeet Kumar Saha briefed the journalists on preparations
to make the campaign successful.

Deputy Civil Surgeon Dr Barnabus Hasdak and EPI Superintendent Nur
Muhammad also spoke.

The civil surgeon said one dose of one lakh unit Vitamin A Blue capsule
will be administered to 28,299 babies aged between 6 and 11 months and one
dose two lakh unit Vitamin A Red capsule to 2,61,550 babies aged between 12
and 59 months.

He said 3.508 volunteers, 286 family welfare assistances, 228 community
health service providers and 184 health assistances will work at 1,754
centres including 10 permanent ones in the district and special steps will be
taken at the bus stands and other places to make the campaign a success.

Dr Sanjeet Shaha said the campaign would be conducted to reduce death
risks of babies, save them from blindness caused by Vitamin A shortage
through disseminating knowledge among the people about nutritional aspects
for children.

“Vitamin A effectively prevents mal-nutritional blindness, especially
night blindness, bitot’s spots and corneal lesions,” he said.