75 lakh people brought under safety net programme


DHAKA, Dec 26, 2018 (BSS) – The government is broadening its social
security projects gradually as about 75 lakh disadvantaged people have been
brought under the safety net programme aiming to alleviate poverty in the

“The number of the beneficiaries is increasing gradually…Prime Minister
Sheikh Hasina will make Bangladesh a poverty- and hunger-free country,” an
official of Department of Social Services (DSS) told BSS today.

He said the government allocated Taka 54,206 crore for allowances to old-
aged people, widows, women repressed by husbands and insolvent physically
challenged people aimed at alleviating poverty in the country.

“Poverty in Bangladesh has dramatically reduced following inclusive
growth strategy under the bold and dynamic leadership of Prime Minister
Sheikh Hasina,” the official said.

According to official data, the government has been implementing 145
social safety net programmes. The Awami League government in fiscal 1996-97
for the first time introduced social safety net programme.

The government is disbursing Taka 1,890 crore among 31.50 lakh people as
old-age allowance while each of them get Taka 500 per month. Taka 690 crore
is being distributed among 11.50 lakh widows or women repressed by husband
while one gets Taka 500 each per month. A total of 7.50 lakh insolvent
disabled people are also receiving allowances at Taka 600 each.

The department is working to bring all the old aged, widows and
disadvantaged people under social security programme.

Besides, the government enacted the safe food law in 2013 and the
Bangladesh Safe Food Authority was formed in 2015.

Bangladesh is on the highway of development under Prime Minister Sheikh
Hasina’s leadership while it has been moving forward to become a middle-
income country by 2021 and a developed country by 2041.

The Department of Social Service is also working to prepare a central
database under the Management Information System (MIS) to identify all the
real extreme poor under the social safety net programme.

The government has achieved tremendous socioeconomic development in the
last 10 years with lessening more than 15 percent poverty rate. In 1996-97
fiscal, the government, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, introduced
senior citizens allowance with providing Taka 100 per head to some 4,03,000

Now, the government is providing old-age allowance, widow allowance,
allowances for divorced women, disabled allowance, distressed women
allowance, poor pregnant women’s allowance, and remuneration for financially
insolvent freedom fighter.

It is also running the Vulnerable Group Development (VGD), Vulnerable Group
Feeding (VGF), Test Relief (TR) and Food for Work programmes.