World Soil Day-2018 observed in Rajshahi


RAJSHAHI, Dec 6, 2018 (BSS)-Soil scientists and researchers at a post-
rally discussion here on Wednesday stressed the need for protecting soil
health for increasing crop production to ensure food security of the country.

They expressed concern over declining soil productivity due to
indiscriminate use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides round the year.

The soil scientists and researchers were addressing the rally organized to
mark the World Soil Day-2018. ‘Be the Solution to Soil Pollution’ was the
main theme of the day.

Regional office of Soil Resource Development Institute (SRDI) organized the
discussion in its conference room in the city.

Chaired by Dr Abu Tawab Khandaker, principal scientific officer of SRDI,
the meeting was addressed, among other, by deputy director of Department of
Agriculture Extension Shamsul Haque, principal scientific officer of
Bangladesh Wheat and Maize Research Institute Dr Ilias Hossain, SRDI Senior
Scientific Officer Dr Nurul Islam and senior scientific officer of Bangladesh
Agriculture Research Institute Dr Shakhawat Hossain.

During his keynote presentation, Md Kamruzzaman, principal scientific
officer of SRDI, said soil nutrients have gradually been declining due to
multifarious reasons creating a negative impact on the soil productivity.

He viewed disproportionate use of chemical fertilizers and harmful
pesticides for cultivation of high yielding varieties of different crops and
vegetables are mainly blamed for the continued decline in soil nutrients.

“Organic matter requirement is at least 2.5 per cent in a normal soil,
whereas the content in the area was found less than 1.3 per cent and even
less than one per cent in some soils,” he revealed.

He said optimum level of organic matter is a must for building and
maintaining positive soil properties and normal soil ecosystem that supports
plant growth.

Dr Tawab Khandaker told the meeting that organic manure improves the
chemical and physical properties of soil like its structure by acting as
binding agent and the good structure enhances a favorable air-water status of
soil from which plant and micro-organisms can take air, water and nutrient

Likewise, input and output balance of plant nutrient elements should be
equal for maintaining the nutrient status of the soil.