ADP implementation 20.11 pc in 5 months


DHAKA, Dec 20, 2017 (BSS) – The implementation rate of the Annual Development Programme (ADP) during the July-November period of the current fiscal year fared better as it reached 20.11 percent with an expenditure of Taka 32,997 crore.

The ADP implementation rate during the July-November period of the last fiscal year was 19.13 percent with an overall expenditure of Taka 23,594 crore, according to the latest statistics provided by the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) of the Ministry of Planning.

The IMED data showed that out of the overall expenditure of Taka 32,997 crore for this July-November period, Taka 17,718 crore were spent from the GoB fund with an implementation rate of 18.55 percent.

Besides, Taka 13,648 crore were spent from project assistance with an implementation rate of 22.59 percent while the rest Taka 1,631 crore were spent from the organization’s own fund with an implementation rate of 20.01 percent.

Talking to BSS, IMED Secretary Md Mofizul Islam said the IMED remained very active towards monitoring the development projects from the very beginning of the current year. It is also looking forward to bringing all the development schemes under its monitoring mechanism.

He noted that achieving 20.11 percent ADP implementation rate over the last five months despite adverse situation like flood and excessive rain is ‘good’. “We’re hopeful of achieving cent percent implementation rate in this year,” he said.

The IMED Secretary informed that his Division has now been conducting video conferences with the executing agencies and local administration at the district level to gear up further the implementation rate, he said adding, “This is also keeping an impact on the overall utilization rate.”

The IMED figures showed that out of the overall expenditure of Taka 23,594 crore during the July-November period of the last fiscal year, Taka 14,747 crore were spent from the GoB portion (20.86 percent) followed by expenditure of Taka 6,671 crore (16.68 percent) from project assistance while the rest of the expenditure, Taka 2,175 crore (17.20 percent), from the organization’s own fund.

Among the highest allocated top 15 Ministries and Divisions, the Local Government Division made an expenditure of Taka 5,037.86 crore (23.76 percent) during this July-November period followed by Power Division Taka 10,755.46 crore (47.84 percent), Road Transport and Highways Division with Taka 4,428.17 crore (26.79 percent), Ministry of Railways with Taka 1,191.82 crore (9.63 percent), Bridges Division with Taka 567.30 crore (7.13 percent), Ministry of Primary and Mass Education with Taka 1,615.07 crore (23.75 percent), Ministry of Housing and Public Works with Taka 1,075.38 crore (16.76 percent), Secondary and Higher Education Division with Taka 873.39 crore (15.36 percent), Health Services Division with Taka 1,183.44 crore (16.06 percent) and Ministry of Science and Technology with Taka 527.04 crore (5.02 percent).

During the July-November period, the Ministry of Religious Affairs achieved the highest implementation rate of 72.83 percent while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the lowest 0.09 percent.

Earlier in May, the National Economic Council (NEC) approved a Taka 153,331.25 crore original Annual Development Programme (ADP) for the current fiscal year.

The overall size of the ADP, including that of the organisations’ self-financed projects, however, reached Taka 164,084.83 crore.