Experts stress parents support for proper grooming of children


DHAKA, Oct 21, 2018 (BSS/UNICEF FEATURE)) – Adequate support from the
family members, particularly parents, towards their children has become a
crucial issue for their proper grooming and transforming them into worthy

“In the present family and busy social system, very few parents get time to
share adolescence related issues with their teenage sons and daughters,
causing negative physical, emotional and social consequences for the young
ones,” Director of The Institute of Pediatric Neuro-disorder and Autism (IPNA)
under Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) Professor Dr
Shaheen Akhter told BSS.

Normally parents use to feel hesitant to share adolescence related changes.
But, basically they (parents) are the key players to give actual ideas about the
change factors among the teenagers, she said.

Dr Shaheen added that adolescent period is remarkably a sensitive period for
boys and girls.

“This is the time when many of them commit mistakes due to curiosity and
ignorance. Changes in their body structure and hormonal activity surprise
them unless proper knowledge on physiology is passed on to them. Due to
proper guidance and suggestions from their near and dear ones, especially
mothers, the adolescents could fall prey to various fallacies,” she added.

“The adolescents need decent behaviors from their surroundings especially
parents and other near and dear ones for their sound grooming,” Paediatric
Neurodisorder expert Dr Muzharul Mannan told BSS.

He, however, said many of our families, even some of the educated ones,
remain reluctant to their teenage children along with their physical and mental

There are various juvenile crimes especially sexual harassments to the school
and college students, drug addiction and terrorism, and these are said to be the
outcomes of the reluctance, Dr Mannan said, adding, some other unexpected
incidents like extremism and committing suicides are taking place in the
society due to ignorance about the adolescence changes.

Therefore the experts suggested the parents to give their children quality time
and help them to solve different adolescence related issues.